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Theocritus of Syracuse

J. Andrew Foster

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Theocritus of Syracuse Introduction Theocritus, the imagined father of Western pastoral poetry, flourished in the first half of the 3rd cen...

Theoderic the Great and Ostrogothic Italy

Hans-Ulrich Wiemer

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2021-05-26

Theoderic the Great and Ostrogothic ItalyIntroductionThe Ostrogothic king Theoderic is the only non-Roman ruler of Late Antiquity to have acquired the...

Theophrastus of Eresus

Han Baltussen

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2018-04-26

Theophrastus of EresusIntroductionTheophrastus of Eresus (372/1–282/1 bce) came from the island of Lesbos (near Turkey) and was originally named Tyrta...


Jeffrey S. Rusten

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Thucydides Introduction Thucydides is known as the historian of the “Peloponnesian” war (431–404 bce, between Athens with its subject citie...


Paul Allen Miller

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2017-04-27

TibullusIntroductionOf the three major elegists—Tibullus, Propertius, and Ovid—Tibullus is today probably the most difficult to approach. He is often ...

Topography of Athens

Jeffrey M. Hurwit, Ioannis Mitsios

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2011-05-25

Topography of AthensIntroductionThe ancient city-state (or polis) of Athens was contiguous with the region known as Attica, a large, triangular penins...

Topography of Rome

Eve D'Ambra

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Topography of Rome Introduction Roman topography is the study of the city of Rome, its monuments, buildings, and open spaces in their physic...

Tragic Chorus, The

Luigi Battezzato, Marco Catrambone

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2016-05-26

The Tragic ChorusIntroductionThe chorus was a standard feature of Greek tragedy (see Choral Interactions and the Structure of Tragedy). Aristotle argu...

Translation and Classical Reception

Alexandra Lianeri

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2019-07-31

Translation and Classical ReceptionIntroductionTranslation has been central to engagement with the Greek and Roman worlds and their cultures ever sinc...

Transmission of Greek and Latin Literature

Richard Tarrant

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2018-02-22

Transmission of Greek and Latin LiteratureIntroduction“Transmission” in this context refers to the ways in which the texts of classical Greek and Lati...

Valerius Flaccus

Tim Stover

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2012-06-26

Valerius Flaccus Introduction Gaius Valerius Flaccus Setinus Balbus, usually known simply as Valerius Flaccus, is the author of the Argonautic...

Valerius Maximus

John Briscoe

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2017-02-28

Valerius MaximusIntroductionValerius Maximus lived in the age of the emperor Tiberius and wrote a work entitled Facta et dicta memorabilia (“Memorable...

Varro, Marcus Terentius

David Butterfield

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Marcus Terentius Varro Introduction Marcus Terentius Varro (b. 116–d. 27 bce) was the most notable polymath of the Roman world. Over the cours...


Helen Nagy

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2012-07-24

VeiiIntroductionThe ancient city of Veii (in Italian, Veio) lies seventeen kilometers northwest of Rome and occupies a plateau of approximately 350 he...

Velleius Paterculus

Eleanor Cowan

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2014-06-30

Velleius Paterculus Introduction Velleius Paterculus was a Roman historian, soldier, and senator. His only surviving work was composed during ...


Elaine Fantham, Emily Fairey

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2009-12-14

Virgil Introduction Many regard Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro, 70–19 bce; also spelled Vergil in English) as the greatest of the Roman poe...


Marden Nichols

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2018-08-28

VitruviusIntroductionVitruvius is the author of De architectura (c. 20s bce), the only text devoted to architecture that survives from classical antiq...

Wall Painting, Etruscan

Lisa Pieraccini

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2013-07-24

Etruscan Wall Painting ...


Jenny Bryan

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2018-02-22

XenophanesIntroductionThe poet-philosopher Xenophanes of Colophon (in Ionia, now western Turkey) was active in the 6th to 5th centuries bce. While his...


Vivienne Gray

Subject: Classics »

Date Added: 2012-04-24

Xenophon Introduction Xenophon (c. 430 to post-355 bce) wrote fourteen works of varied content and style. His interest in leadership gives the...