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March 15, 2018

Four new OUPblog posts by Oxford Bibliographies contributors are now available:

Humanism—from Italian to secular | OUPblog

"Humanism doesn’t get much good press these days. In many circles it comes accompanied by an adjective—secular—and a diatribe: A war of philosophy and of what defines morality is being fought daily in the media, judicial benches, and legislative halls across the Western world. … On one side stand fundamentalist Protestantism and conservative Catholicism and on the other side secular humanism. The “religious right” claims that humanism is dragging the United States into an abyss of crime and relativism. [...]"
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George Washington and eighteenth century masculinity | OUPblog

"We want George Washington—the President of all Presidents, the Man of all Men—to be a certain way. We want him to be an unalloyed male outdoing, singlehandedly, all the other competitors. We want him strong and rude, rough and rugged, athletic and hypersexualized, a chiseled torso, a Teddy Roosevelt, a Tarzan, and a John Wayne: 'a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.' [...]"
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Want to know the Latin for “true love”? | OUPblog

"Fidus amor. That’s 'true love' in Latin. Historically, such love is often claimed to have emerged with the troubadours of twelfth century Provence. The troubadours used the Occitan term fin amor for this kind of love rather than the more famous amour courtois, “courtly love”, which is a modern concoction. However, 'Fin amor', is 'derived from Latin fidus, ‘faithful’. Originally, fin amor was admirable and refined because it was faithful, by definition.' So the term, fin amor, comes from Latin, as do many in the romance languages. [...]"
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The rise of female whistleblowers | OUPblog

"Until recently, I firmly believed whistleblowers would increasingly turn to secure, anonymizing tools and websites, like WikiLeaks, to share their data rather than take the risk of relying on a journalist to protect their identity. Now, however, WikiLeaks is implicated in aiding the election of Donald Trump, and 'The Silence Breakers,' outspoken victims of sexual assault, are Time’s 2017 Person of the Year. [...]"
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