What's new: September 2019

September 25, 2019

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 57 new, 14 revised, and 2 emended articles have been added across 29 subjects:

New Articles

American Literature

William Gibson, Mathias Nilges


Bioethics, Mara Buchbinder

Art History

Atlantic History

Female Slave Owners, Christine Walker

Childhood Studies

Abduction of Children, J. Mitchell Miller, Stephanie M. Koskinen
Young Children’s Imagination, Kym Stewart, Annabella Cant

Cinema and Media Studies

AIDS in Film and Television, Kylo-Patrick R. Hart


Cicero's Pro Archia, Andrew Sillett
Greek and Roman Logic, Robby Finley, Justin Vlasits, Katja Maria Vogt
Maritime Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean, Justin Leidwanger, Elizabeth S. Greene


Feminist and Queer Game Studies, Adrienne Shaw, Alexandrina Agloro, Josef Nguyen, Amanda Phillips, Bonnie Ruberg


Femicide, Myrna Dawson, Michelle Carrigan, Emily Hill


Sustainable Development, Philip M. Fearnside
Vicariance Biogeography, Ingi Agnarsson, Jason Ali, David S. Barrington


Early Childhood Science, Christine Howitt

Environmental Science

The Key Role of Energy in Economic Growth, Robert U. Ayres, Paul E. Brockway, Emmanuel Aramendia


Urban Heritage, María García-Hernández, Manuel de la Calle-Vaquero


Ravidās, Peter Friedlander

International Law

Law-Making by Non-State Actors, Timothy Masiko, Mary E. Footer

International Relations

Foreign Policy Decision-Making, Jessica D. Blankshain

Islamic Studies

Latin American Studies

Colonial Legal History of Peru, Alcira Dueñas, Renzo Honores


Descriptive Grammar, Willem de Reuse

Literary and Critical Theory

Catherine Belsey, Pamela McCallum
Slavoj Žižek, Jamil Khader


Competitive Heterogeneity, Tammy L. Madsen
Considerate Leadership, Ronald F. Piccolo, Garrett K. Moise
Entrepreneurial Firms, Kerry Hudson, Robert E. Morgan
Global Leadership, Mark E. Mendenhall
Global Talent Management, Vlad Vaiman, Eva Gallardo-Gallardo, Marian Thunnissen
Managerial Discretion, David Wangrow, Hilary Schloemer
Organizational Control, Laura B. Cardinal, Markus Kreutzer, C. Chet Miller

Medieval Studies

Angevin Dynasty, Ralph V. Turner
Giacomo da Lentini, Akash Kumar


Political Science


Creativity at Work, Kristina Potočnik
Disgust, Daniel Linford, Mallory Parker, Daniel Kelly

Renaissance and Reformation

Academies, Simone Testa
Margaret More Roper, Jaime Goodrich
Richard III, Stella Fletcher

Social Work

Political Social Work in the United States, Jenna Powers, Robert Fisher
Rural Social Work in China, Hok Bun Ku, Qi Huadong, Zhang Heqing


Doing Gender, Alexandra Macht

Revised Articles

American Literature

Sophia Peabody Hawthorne, Jana Argersinger

Cinema and Media Studies

Fantasy, David Butler
Romanian Cinema, Constantin Parvulescu


Ancient Doxography, David T. Runia


Mutualisms and Symbioses, Judith Bronstein


Brownfields, Christopher De Sousa, Thierry Spiess


Ferdinand de Saussure, John E. Joseph


Faking in Personnel Selection, Patrick D. Converse, Brian H. Kim, Yumiko Mochinushi, Yadi Yang


Applied Ethics, Thomas Søbirk Petersen, Jesper Ryberg
George Berkeley, Daniel Flage, Kenneth Pearce

Political Science


Person Perception, Sheila Cunningham


Social Policy, Mara Yerkes

Victorian Literature

G. W. M. Reynolds, Anne Humpherys

Emended Articles


Workplace Coaching, Jonathan Passmore, Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Margaret Barr

Political Science