What's new: May 2020

May 27, 2020

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 18 new, 19 revised, and 3 emended articles have been added across 21 subjects:


New Articles


African Studies


Art History


Atlantic History

Atlantic New Orleans: 18th and 19th Centuries, Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec, Nathalie Dessens


Alaska Native Education, Polly Hyslop, Beth Leonard
Native American Studies, Tiffany Lee, Lloyd Lee, Myla Vicenti Carpio

International Law

Archipelagic States, Erik Franckx, Aster Boeye

International Relations


Military History

Canada through World War I, Ian C. D. Moffat


Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Charles E. Brewer



Political Science




Renaissance and Reformation

Art in Renaissance Siena, Fabrizio Nevola
Augsburg, Mark Häberlein
Walter Ralegh, Joyce Lorimer

Social Work

Computational Social Welfare: Applying Data Science in Social Work, Cheng Ren, Marla Stuart, Julian Chun-Chung Chow


Educational Policy and Race, Mahala Dyer Stewart

Revised Articles


Biblical Studies

Early Christian Art, Robin Jensen, Lee Jefferson
Isaiah, Marvin A. Sweeney, Kevin Tolley
Philo of Alexandria, David T. Runia

Childhood Studies

Pedagogic Theories, Juha Hämäläinen


Global Englishes, Christopher Jenks
Impression Management, Nurit Tal-Or
Social Interaction, Valerie Manusov


Predator-Prey Interactions, Timothy C. Roth II, Maria Thaker

Environmental Science


Evolutionary Biology

Creationism, Michael Ruse
Darwinism, Michael Ruse


Geography and Ethics, Iain Hay, Luke Dickens
Vulnerability, Risk, and Hazards, Jennifer J. Haney, Burrell E. Montz, Graham A. Tobin


Double Bass, John Romey


Aesthetic Hedonism, Mohan Matthen, Zachary Weinstein

Political Science

Democratic Citizenship, Ugur Altundal, Richard Valelly
Political Obligation, George Klosko

Renaissance and Reformation

Luís de Camões, Hélio J.S. Alves



Atlantic History



Methodological Approaches for Impact Evaluation in Educational Settings, Kylie L. Anglin, Anandita Krishnamachari, Vivian C. Wong


Moral Responsibility, Garrath Williams