What's New: October 2020

October 28, 2020

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 53 new, 18 revised, and 4 emended articles have been added across 27 subjects:


New Articles


American Literature

Washington Irving, Jeffrey Scraba


Archaeology and the Body, Julie K. Wesp, Rosemary A. Joyce
Mobility, Roger Norum
The Northwest Coast, Leslie H. Tepper

Art History

Bartolomeo Ammannati, Felicia Else

Atlantic History


British and Irish Literature

Julian Barnes, Vanessa Guignery


Baoshan, Wendi Adamek

Chinese Studies

Liu Zongzhou, Simon Man Ho Wong

Cinema and Media Studies

Hayao Miyazaki, Raz Greenberg
Mad Men, Gary Edgerton


Death, Paul Chrystal


Open Access, Stewart Baker



Evolutionary Biology

Evolution of Reaction Norms, Rebekah A. Oomen, Jeffrey A. Hutchings

International Law

Cold War International Law, Martin Clark, Gerry Simpson, Sundhya Pahuja, Matthew Craven

International Relations

Boko Haram, Jason Warner, Ellen Chapin
Foreign Direct Investment, Michael Plouffe
Illicit Trade and Smuggling, Paul Kemp, Rebecca Galemba

Islamic Studies

Islamic Print Media, Aaron Rock-Singer

Latin American Studies

Education in New Spain, Dorothy Tanck de Estrada, Víctor Cid
Havana, Guadalupe García
Pilgrimage in Colonial Latin America, Joel Palka, Ramon Folch

Latino Studies



Identity Work in Organizations, Heather C. Vough, Brianna Barker Caza, Harshad Puranik
Organizational Climate, Mark Ehrhart, Maribeth Kuenzi


Images, John Kulvicki
Intellectual Virtues, Charlie Crerar, Teresa Allen, Heather Battaly

Political Science

German Politics and Government, Louise K. Davidson-Schmich
Health-Care Politics in the United States, Lauren Peterson, Colleen Grogan
Narrative Analysis, Shaul Shenhav
Political Economy of China, Eileen Yuk-ha Tsang

Public Health


Renaissance and Reformation

William Tell, Marc H. Lerner



Revised Articles


Biblical Studies

Clothing, Alicia Batten, Antonios Finitsis

Chinese Studies

Children’s Culture and Social Studies, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, Zitong Qiu, Zhenhui Yan
Middle-Period China, John Chaffee
The Economy, 1949–1978, Dwight H. Perkins

Cinema and Media Studies

Acting, Cynthia Baron


Topography of Athens, Jeffrey M. Hurwit, Ioannis Mitsios


Media Bias, Robert Lichter, Justin Rolfe-Redding, Stephen Farnsworth
Philosophy of Communication, Nicolas Bencherki, François Cooren
Social Protest, Luis Loya, Doug McLeod

Environmental Science

Environmental Sociology, Kyle W. Knight

Military History



Emotion, Michael Brady
Mary Wollstonecraft, Sylvana Tomaselli
Montesquieu, Catherine Volpilhac-Auger
Understanding, Stephen Grimm, Michael Hannon

Political Science

Politics of Anti-Americanism, Monti Narayan Datta


Cognitive Dissonance Theory, David C. Vaidis, Alexandre Bran


Emended Articles


Cinema and Media Studies 

Documentary Film, Zoë Druick


Hesiod, Ruth Scodel

International Law

Cyber Espionage, Russell Buchan and Iñaki Navarrete

Renaissance and Reformation

Giannozzo Manetti, Craig Kallendorf