What's New: April 2021

April 28, 2021

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 37 new, 14 revised, and 5 emended articles have been added across 31 subjects:


New Articles


American Literature

Frederick Douglass, Leigh Fought
Nineteenth-Century American Magazines, Ashlyn Stewart, Kenneth M. Price

Biblical Studies


British and Irish Literature

Prosody and Meter: Twentieth Century, Meredith Martin, Ben Glaser

Chinese Studies

Five Classics, Michael Nylan, Nicholas Constantino
Uyghurs, David O'Brien

Cinema and Media Studies

Fritz Lang, Kristin Hole, Philip Moore




Evidence-Based Sentencing, James C. Oleson


Mass Effects, Jani Heino, Luis Mauricio Bini



Evolutionary Biology

Evolution of Animal Mating Systems, Ingrid Ahnesjö, Luc Bussière


Mathura, Vinay Kumar Gupta

International Law


Islamic Studies

Fairuz, Kenneth S. Habib

Latin American Studies

Hospitals, Heather Vrana


Dementia and Language, Joël Macoir

Literary and Critical Theory

Ferdinand de Saussure, Boris Gasparov
Reader Response Theory, Susan Browne, Xiufang Chen, Faten Baroudi, Esra Sevinc

Medieval Studies


Military History



Joaquin Rodrigo, Walter A. Clark
Street Music, Paul Watt, Daniel Bacchieri
Troubadours and Trouvères, Ardis Butterfield, Elizabeth Hebbard

Political Science

White Identity Politics, Ashley Jardina


Employee Stress and Well-Being, Wheeler Nakahara, Steve Jex, Kristin Horan

Public Health

Work-Related Asthma, Kenneth Rosenman

Renaissance and Reformation

Lorenzo Ghiberti, Amy R. Bloch


Ethnic Enclaves, Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza-Kulick, Maura Fennelly, Kevin Beck, Ernesto Castañeda
Gendered Sexuality, Shelly Ronen

Revised Articles


Art History

Modern and Contemporary Art of South Asia, Atreyee Gupta, Tausif Noor

Biblical Studies



Buddhist Thought and Western Philosophy, Jin Y. Park, Leah Kalmanson
Tārā, Susan Landesman

Chinese Studies



Community Corrections, Beth M. Huebner, Bobby Boxerman

Environmental Science

Rulemaking, Sara R. Rinfret, Jeffrey Cook


Semantic-Pragmatic Change, Elizabeth Closs Traugott


Goal Setting, Gary Latham, Alana Arshoff
Women’s Entrepreneurship, Karen D. Hughes, Jennifer E. Jennings

Military History

World War I in Film, Frank J. Wetta


Material Constitution, Daniel Z. Korman
Theory of Reference, Heimir Geirsson

Political Science

Politics of Southern Africa, Carolyn M. Somerville

Emended Articles

Renaissance and Reformation

Plague and its Consequences, Samuel Kline Cohn Jr., Monica O'Brien

Atlantic History

Spanish American Port Cities, Jorge Díaz Ceballos

Childhood Studies

Cultural psychology and human development, Nandita Chaudhary, Sujata Sriram, Jaan Valsiner

Art History

Japanese Architecture, Ken Tadashi Oshima