What's New: June 2021

June 23, 2021

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 26 new, 12 revised, and 1 emended articles have been added across 32 subjects:


New Articles


African Studies

Alcohol, Charles Ambler
Cocoa, Pius Nyambara, Takesure Taringana
Horn of Africa and South Asia, Andrew Mickleburgh


Animal Sanctuaries, Elan Abrell
Environmental Justice and Indigeneity, Deborah McGregor, Nicole Latulippe, Mahisha Sritharan
Mental Health and Illness, Jocelyn Lim Chua
Niche Construction, Emily A. Schultz

Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

Apartments, Matthew Gordon Lasner

Art History

Giorgione, Jaynie Anderson

Childhood Studies

The Concept of Generations, Carolina Gutierrez Muñoz, Julia Brannen

Cinema and Media Studies

Bernard Herrmann, Joan Titus


Ancient Thebes, Kevin F. Daly


Juvenile Courts, Kelly Orts, David Myers





International Relations

Al-Shabaab, Christopher Anzalone, Jason Warner

Jewish Studies


Latin American Studies


Medieval Studies


Military History

World War II in Film, Nicholas Warner


Cello, Sophie Benn

Political Science

Secession and Secessionist Movements, David Siroky, Namig Abbasov
The Arab Spring, Allison Hartnett

Renaissance and Reformation

Artemisia Gentileschi, Jacqueline Marie Musacchio

Revised Articles


Atlantic History

Abolition of Slavery, Michael Guasco, Matthew Wyman-McCarthy

Biblical Studies

Zechariah, Anthony Petterson


Sōtō Zen (Japan), William M. Bodiford

Chinese Studies



Education, Mark Joyal

Jewish Studies

Zionism from Its Inception to 1948, Derek Penslar, Alexander Kaye

Latin American Studies

Food History, Enrique Ochoa


Lexicography, Howard Jackson

Literary and Critical Theory

Transnational Feminism, Asha Nadkarni, Subhalakshmi Gooptu


Organization Theory, Royston Greenwood, Bob Hinings, John Amis

Military History


Political Science

Corruption in China, Yan Sun, Baishun Yuan

Emended Article


Medieval Studies