What's New: November 2021

November 23, 2021

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 35 new, 17 revised, and 5 emended articles have been added across 26 subjects:

New Articles


African Studies

Boer War, Bill Nasson
Siwa Oasis, Valentina Serreli, Valentina Schiattarella

African American Studies

Atheism and Agnosticism, Christopher Cameron
Rosa Parks, Jeanne Theoharis

American Literature

Winnifred Eaton, Mary Chapman, Sydney Lines, Heidi Rennert


Indigenous Economic Development, Rick Colbourne, Robert Anderson, Irene Henriques, Ana María Peredo, Bettina Schneider
Neoliberalism, Kathleen Hall, Rachael Stephens

Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

Marion Mahony Griffin, Shiben Banerji

Atlantic History

Anti-Catholicism and Anti-Popery, Jessica Harland-Jacobs, Tyler Cline, Jeffrey Jones

Biblical Studies

Archaeology, Greco-Roman, Jennifer A. Quigley, Sarah F. Porter
Babylon, Heather D. Baker

Childhood Studies

Gifted and Talented Children, Karen L. Westberg
Theater for Children and Young People, Matthew Reason, Karian Schuitema
Walter Benjamin, Gillian Lathey


Aristotle’s Physics, Lindsay Judson


Ocean Sprawl, Louise Firth


Geography of Refugees, Jessie Clark

International Relations

Turkey, Sinem Akgul-Acikmese, Inan Ruma

Islamic Studies

Ashura, Reza Masoudi-Nejad

Jewish Studies


Literary and Critical Theory

Charles Sanders Peirce, Lucia Santaella


Carlos Chávez, Jacqueline Avila
Concerto, Joseph T. Orchard
Music in the Digital World, William Gibbons, Paula Harper
Program Music, Jonathan Kregor, Rebecca Schreiber
Steve Reich, Ryan Ebright



Political Science



Psychological Literacy, Sue Morris, Kimberley Norris, Jacquelyn Cranney

Public Health


Renaissance and Reformation


Social Work


Urban Studies

Mumbai, Anitra Baliga

Revised Articles


Atlantic History


Biblical Studies

Aaron, John R. Spencer

Childhood Studies



Greek and Roman Gardens, Elizabeth R. Macaulay
Scholia, Lara Pagani

International Law

Conspiracy/Joint Criminal Enterprise, Elinor Fry, Elies van Sliedregt

Literary and Critical Theory

World Literature, Sowon Park, Jernej Habjan

Military History



Perfectionism, Steven Wall

Political Science

International Conflict Management, Fen Hampson, Chester Crocker, Pamela Aall, Simon Palamar, Melissa Sinclair
Legal Mobilization, Lisa Vanhala

Renaissance and Reformation

Giorgio Vasari, Sally J. Cornelison
Isabel I, Queen of Castile, Cristina Guardiola-Griffiths

Environmental Science

Carbon Dynamics, Rebecca Abney, Chelsea Arnold, Michael Kaiser, Lixia Jin, Asmeret Asefaw Berhe




Cyberpragmatics, Francisco Yus

American Literature

Henry Roth, Steven Kellman


Senescence, Roberto Salguero-Gómez, Mark Roper, Connor Bernard, Jacques Deere


Fictionalism, David Liggins

American Literature