What's New: April 2022

April 25, 2022

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 26 new and 16 revised, and 1 emended have been added across 22 subjects:


New Articles


African American Studies

Bible, Crystal Lucky

Atlantic History

São Paulo City, Aiala Levy

Biblical Studies


Childhood Studies

Humor and Laughter, Kirsten Flaten

Chinese Studies

Yuan Dynasty Poetry, Ming Tak Ted Hui, Tian Yuan Tan


Corippus, Benjamin Goldlust
Macrobius, Benjamin Goldlust
Maximianus, Benjamin Goldlust
The Panathenaic Festival, Tyler Jo Smith



Islamic Studies


Jewish Studies

Jewish Diaspora, Re’ee Hagay, Jonathan Boyarin
Neo-Hasidism, Sam Berrin Shonkoff

Latin American Studies


Latino Studies

Gloria Anzaldúa, Margaret Boyle, Ilan Stavans


Second Language Writing, Robert Godwin-Jones


Corporate Venture Capital, Gary Dushnitsky, Lei Yu

Medieval Studies


Public Health

Arts in Health, Ladona Tornabene, Jill Sonke

Renaissance and Reformation

Andrea Mantegna, Stephen Campbell

Urban Studies

Hong Kong, Maurice Yip

Revised Articles


American Literature

Arthur Miller, Susan C.W. Abbotson
Jesuit Relations, Micah True
John Winthrop, Francis J. Bremer
Robert Penn Warren, Joseph Millichap
William Bradford, David T. Read
William Maxwell, Gretchen Comba

Art History

Medieval Textiles, Elizabeth Coatsworth, Gale R. Owen-Crocker

Childhood Studies

Child Labor, Mary Lorena Kenny, Kathie Carpenter
Children and Social Media, Tanya Machin, Susan Abel


Multimedia Learning, Richard E. Mayer

Evolutionary Biology

Heterochrony, Miriam Zelditch

Jewish Studies

Modern Germany, Tobias Brinkmann

Renaissance and Reformation


Social Work

Emended Articles


Roman Archaeology, Kathryn J. McDonnell