What's New: May 2022

May 24, 2022

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 41 new and 19 revised articles have been added across 24 subjects:

New Articles


American Literature


Architecture, Planning, and Preservation


Atlantic History

Church and Slavery, Katharine Gerbner

British and Irish Literature



Buddhism in Taiwan, Wei-Yi Cheng

Childhood Studies


Chinese Studies

Xi Jinping, Kerry Brown, Alice Politi


Jeremy Bentham, A. Javier Treviño
Race and Sentencing Research Advancements, Ellen Donnelly, Emily Tavares-Sanches


Advocacy and Activism in Early Childhood, Zinnia Mevawalla, Nathan Archer


LGBTQ and Hinduism, Ruth Vanita, Kashish Dua

Latin American Studies

Gentrification in Latin America, Marina Siqueira, John Betancur
Mining Extraction in Latin America, Karolien van Teijlingen

Latino Studies



Acquisition of Possessives, Elena Babatsouli
Educational Linguistics, Nancy H. Hornberger
Irony, Joana Garmendia
Language Maintenance, David Bradley
Old English, Cynthia Allen

Medieval Studies

Italian Rhetoricians, Elisabetta Bartoli

Military History



Enrique Granados, Teresa Cascudo, Jaume Carbonell-Guberna
Music and Mysticism, Enrico Fubini, Laurence Wuidar
Silvestre Revueltas, Roberto Kolb-Neuhaus


Richard Lazarus, Joseph Campos, Diana Heath

Renaissance and Reformation

Pierre Bayle, Michael W. Hickson

Urban Studies

Nairobi, Constance Smith
San Francisco, John Elrick
Washington, DC, Chris Myers Asch, George Derek Musgrove

Revised Articles


American Literature

Elizabeth Bishop, Brett C. Millier


Ethnographic Films from Iran, Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri

Architecture, Planning, and Preservation


Art History



Buddhist Hermeneutics, Richard Nance

Childhood Studies

Children’s Drawings, Esther Burkitt

Cinema and Media Studies

Advertising and Promotion, Matthew P. McAllister, Alexandra Nutter


Livy, David Levene


Kerala Hinduism, George Pati

Jewish Studies

Jewish Humor, Arie Sover


Inflected Infinitives, Marlies Jansegers

Military History

Arab-Israeli Wars, 1948–Present, George L. Simpson Jr.
Cold War, 1945–1990, Mary Kathryn Barbier


Brass Instruments, Trevor Herbert