What's New: July 2022

July 26, 2022

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 37 new and 19 revised articles have been added across 22 subjects.


New articles


American Literature

Charles Olson, Gary Grieve-Carlson
Michael Wigglesworth, Adrian Weimer
Sarah Kemble Knight, Susan Imbarrato
Susan Glaspell, Noelia Hernando-Real

Atlantic History

Portugal and Brazil in the Age of Revolutions, João Paulo Pimenta, Nuno Gonçalo Monteiro

British and Irish Literature

Bloomsbury Group, Derek Ryan
Pre-Raphaelites, Heather Bozant-Witcher

Childhood Studies

Missionaries/Evangelism, Emily Manktelow
Relational Ontologies, Spyros Spyrou
Young People and Climate Activism, Catherine Walker, Benjamin Bowman

Chinese Studies

Labor and Labor Relations, Pun Ngai, Kaxton Siu


Amyklaion, Stavros Vlizos
Greek and Anatolian, José Virgilio García Trabazo
Isocrates, Massimiliano Carloni
Latin and Indo-European, Vincent Martzloff
Roman Gaul, Ralph Haeussler




Police Discretion, Benjamin Brown
Positivist Criminology, Brandon Dulisse


Communicating Ecology, Paul Ganderton

Environmental Science

Arctic Environments, Warwick F. Vincent


Khoisan Languages, Alena Witzlack-Makarevich

Literary and Critical Theory

Translation, Brian O'Keeffe

Political Science


Renaissance and Reformation

Joseph Justus Scaliger, Dirk van Miert
Louis XI, King of France, Joël Blanchard
Margery Kempe, Stella Fletcher
Medici Bank, Heinrich Lang
Pope Innocent VIII, Stella Fletcher
Women and Warfare, Brian Sandberg

Social Work

Transnational Perspectives in Social Work, Erica Righard, Paolo Boccagni


Public Space, Gordon Douglas

Victorian Literature

Gardens, Elizabeth Chang

Revised articles


African Studies


American Literature

Martin Luther King, Cedric Burrows
Sonia Sanchez, Jennifer Ryan-Bryant
William Lloyd Garrison, Enrico Dal Lago

Art History

Merovingian Period Art, Genevra Kornbluth

British and Irish Literature

Anne Brontë, Christine Alexander, Roslyn Jolly, Mandy Swann


Ecological Informatics, Friedrich Recknagel

Evolutionary Biology

Ecological Genetics, Joanna Freeland


Śākta Tantra, Maciej Karasiñski


Antonio Vivaldi, Nicholas Lockey

Renaissance and Reformation

Anna Maria van Schurman, Anne Larsen, Bo Karen Lee
Baruch Spinoza, Matthew Kisner
Bishops, 1400–1550, Stella Fletcher
Dance, Jennifer Nevile
Francesco Guicciardini, Stella Fletcher
Lucrezia Borgia, Stella Fletcher
Pope Nicholas V, Stella Fletcher
Pope Sixtus IV, Stella Fletcher