What's New: August 2022

August 23, 2022

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 49 new14 revised & 3 emnded articles have been added across 29 subjects.


New articles


African American Studies

African American Masculinity, Waldo Johnson, Jonah Norwitt

American Literature

Gerald Vizenor, Deborah L. Madsen

Atlantic History

Gouverneur Morris, Émilie Mitran

British and Irish Literature

Patronage, Richard McCabe

Childhood Studies

Childhood and Empire, Mahshid Mayar

Chinese Studies


Cinema and Media Studies

Architecture and Cinema, Lawrence Webb, Anna Viola Sborgi


Isthmia, Elizabeth Gebhard
Plautus’s Aulularia, Emilia A. Barbiero


Racism and Communication, Ryuko Kubota, Meghan Corella




Kāmākhyā, Paolo E. Rosati
Sathya Sai Baba, Antonio Rigopoulos

International Law


Islamic Studies

Hip-Hop and Islam, Kamaludeen Nasir

Latin American Studies

Jorge Luis Borges, Ilan Stavans
LGBT Literature, Héctor Domínguez-Ruvalcaba
Portuguese-Spanish Interactions in Colonial South America, Francismar Alex Lopes de Carvalho, Kara Schultz


Blending in Morphology, Natalia Beliaeva
Sociolinguistic Fieldwork, Natalie Schilling
Text Mining, Carlos Periñán-Pascual

Medieval Studies

Antoine de la Sale, Jane Taylor

Military History

Winston Churchill, Allen Packwood


Global Music History, Makoto Takao


Mary Astell, Allauren Samantha Forbes
P. F. Strawson, Anil Gomes

Political Science

Political Humor and Its Effects, Jody C. Baumgartner

Public Health


Renaissance and Reformation

Jews and the Reformation, Kenneth Austin
Sandro Botticelli, Jonathan Kline


Sociology of Tourism, Erdinç Çakmak

Urban Studies

Tokyo, Ben Bansal

Victorian Literature

John Tyndall, Bernard Lightman
Sexual Violence, Doreen Thierauf
The Ghost Story, Michael Newton

Revised articles


African Studies

Comoro Islands, Iain Walker

American Literature

Margaret Fuller, David M. Robinson


Anthropology of Emotion, Olivier Allard

Art History


Atlantic History

African Ports, Ty M. Reese
Continental America, Kathleen DuVal, Kristofer Ray

International Law

The International Criminal Court, Sarah M.H. Nouwen, Richard Clements


Chumashan Languages, Timothy Henry-Rodriguez


Musical Instruments, Jennifer C. Post

Political Science


Renaissance and Reformation

Pope Alexander VI, Stella Fletcher

Emended articles




Irony, Joana Garmendia
Inflected Infinitives, Marlies Jansegers