July 2011 Update


New Subject Areas Oxford is pleased to introduce Sociology to Oxford Bibliographies which launches at the end of July, and Music which launched at the end of June. For more information on available and forthcoming subject areas, including new pages for Childhood Studies, International Law, and Military History, visit the subject list page

New Articles This update also brings you more than 91 new articles across eight subject areas:

Atlantic History:

Douglas Bradburn
Binghamtom University
Michael Guasco
Davidson College
James Taylor Carson
Queens University
Ty Reese
University of North Dakota
Mariana Candido
Princeton University
Gad Heuman
University of Warwick
Allan Potofsky
Université de Paris VIII
Susan Scott Parrish
University of Michigan
Ellen Hartigan-O'Connor
University of California, Davis


Michelle C. Wang
Georgetown University
Masato Ishida
University of Hawaii


Kathryn J. McDonnell
University of California, Los Angeles
Gretchen Reydams-Schils
University of Notre Dame
Zinon Papakonstantinou
University of Athens


John Hipp
University of California, Irvine
Alyssa Whitby Chamberlain
University of California, Irvine
Eric Baumer
Florida State University
Scott Jacques
University of Cincinnati
Lorraine Mazerolle
University of Queensland
Sarah Bennett
University of Queensland
Kimberly Kempf-Leonard
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
James Pastor
SecureLaw Ltd.
Michelle Inderbitzin
Oregon State University
Roger Dunham
University of Miami
Jeff Rojek
University of South Carolina
Graham Farrell
Loughborough University
Louise Grove
Loughborough University
George Tita
University of California, Irvine
Shannon Reid
University of California, Irvine

Islamic Studies:

Göran Larsson
University of Gothenburg


Albert Cusillo
University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Matthew Weiner
University of Vermont
Thom Brooks
University of Newcastle
Christopher Gauker
University of Cincinnati
Franz Huber
Universitat Konstanz
Kenneth Aizawa
Centenary College
Thaddeus Metz
University of Johannesburg
Tim Black
California State University, Northridge
Jennifer McKitrick
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Peter Graham
University of California, Riverside
Joe Salerno
University of Central Florida
Tim Mulgan
University of St Andrews
Baron Reed
Northwestern University
John Turri
Huron University College
Murat Aydede
University of British Columbia
Anat Biletzki
Tel Aviv University
Yuri Cath
University of British Columbia
Scott A. Shalkowski
University of Leeds
Edouard Machery
University of Leeds
Alan Thomas
University of Pittsburgh
Eric Olson
The University of Kent
Shaun Gallagher
University of Sheffield
William Mark Goodwin
Rowan University
Peter Mandik
William Patterson University
Keith Hyams
The University of Exeter,
Mitchell S. Green
University of Virginia
Thom Brooks
University of Newcastle
Clare E. Batty
University of Kentucky
Rowan Cruft
University of Stirling
Jesper Kallestrup
University of Edinburgh
Trent Dougherty
Baylor University
Matthew Nudds
University of Edinburgh
Heimir Geirsson
Iowa State University
Pascal Engel
Faculté des Lettres
Cara J. Spencer
Howard University
Carl Ehrett
Furman University

Renaissance and Reformation:

Jeffrey Chipps Smith
University of Texas
Sheila J. Rabin
Saint Peter's College
Jan Dumolyn
University of Ghent
Graeme Murdock
Trinity College Dublin
Paula Fichtner
Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Dennis Looney
University of Pittsburgh
Eric Nelson
Missouri State
Stella Fletcher
University of Warwick
Mark Wilson
City University of New York
Albrecht Classen
University of Arizona
Craig Kallendorf
Texas A&M University
Craig Kallendorf
Texas A&M University
Christopher Atkins
Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY
Szabolcs Varga
Margaret King
Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Vava Roczniak
Bronx Community College, CUNY
Jacqueline Musacchio
Wellesley College
Betty Travitsky
Independent Scholar

Social Work:

James K. Whittaker
University of Washington
Megan Meyer
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Jennifer Francis
Social Care Institute for Excellence
Ann Netten
University of Kent at Canterbury
Matthew Morton
University of Oxford
Paul Montgomery
University of Oxford
Neil Gilbert
UC Berkeley
Bonnie E. Carlson
Arizona State University
Frederic G. Reamer
Rhode Island College
Sarah Bledsoe
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cheryl Regehr
University of Toronto
Pa Der Vang
University of Minnesota
Ronald Rooney
University of Minnesota
Sophia F. Dziegielewski
University of Cincinnati
George Jacinto
Arkansas State University
Mark J. Macgowan
Florida International University, Miami

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  • The March 2011 update introduced Communication, International Relations, Public Health, and Victorian Literature to Oxford Bibliographies.
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