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February 2012

New Subject Area

Oxford Bibliographies in Military History is now available! To learn more about the Editor in Chief, Editorial Board, and all available and forthcoming articles visit the Military History subject page.

View a complete list of available and forthcoming subject areas

Introducing User-Driven Enhancements to Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford is pleased to introduce a new Oxford Bibliographies with an improved site design, robust search functions, and expanded user resources.

With this update, subscribers benefit from several user-driven enhancements including:

  • Streamlined Research Experience

    Sophisticated search criteria such as the ability to search by source type, author, or citation allow users to narrow down their search to a specific article or topic and provides a more efficient pathway to exactly the article, link, or citation needed for research.

  • Redesigned Interface

    The homepage now easily accommodates the large number of subject areas now available, as well as those scheduled to launch soon. The new layout allows for more intuitive navigation and facilitates easy access to subject areas.

    The individual article pages have also been improved with design enhancements that include floating tables of contents and collapsible sidebars, making exploration of the breadth and depth of this resource simple and straightforward.

  • Expanded User Guides and Resources for Librarians

    Improved and more accessible user resources such as expanded site help, FAQs, and quick user guides make it easier than ever to get the most out of Oxford Bibliographies content and functionality.

    Tools for librarians and in-library promotional materials such as customizable email templates, posters, pens, and more are available to help improve discoverability and to increase usage of Oxford Bibliographies in your library.

Explore Oxford Bibliographies

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Oxford Bibliographies continues to bring to online research the innovation and quality assurance that is expected from Oxford University Press. Feedback from librarians and users continues to inform ongoing improvements to search, design, and usability, ensuring it remains a cutting-edge, essential tool for researchers at every level.


Oxford User Research Program

The Oxford User Research Program is a longitudinal, global initiative assessing the way librarians, academics, and students discover, view, evaluate, and interact with content. The feedback from this program informs the development and improvement of Oxford Bibliographies to ensure a positive and valuable experience for users. If you are interested in learning more and how you can get involved in the Oxford User Research Program, please contact our Market Research Department.

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