Celebrating 10 years of Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies launched in 2010 with only ten subjects at the time: Classics, Criminology, Islamic Studies, Social Work, Atlantic History, Philosophy, Renaissance and Reformation, Biblical Studies, Buddhism, and Medieval Studies. One of the most prestigious and successful strands of Oxford’s scholarly publishing, Oxford Bibliographies provides faculty and students alike with a seamless pathway to the most accurate and reliable resources for a variety of academic topics. Written and reviewed by academic experts, every article in our database is an authoritative guide to the current scholarship in each field, containing original commentary and annotations. Now in its tenth year, Oxford Bibliographies offers a rapidly expanding range of subject areas and spans forty-three subject areas. Oxford Bibliographies is reaching more scholars and students than ever before, increasing productivity, saving time, and elevating the quality of research.

To celebrate this anniversary we have selected ten of the most popular articles published since Oxford Bibliographies first launched, showcasing the quality, breadth, and depth of Oxford University Press’s world-renowned scholarly list. Delve straight in now by reading a freely available article below. 

Read free articles from Oxford Bibliographies...

 "Racist Jokes" by Claire Horisk

 “Academic Achievement” by Ricarda Steinmayr, Anja Meißner, Anne F. Weidinger, Linda Wirthwein

 “Five-Factor Model of Personality” by Christopher J. Soto, Joshua J. Jackson

 “Social Control Theory” by Kimberly Kempf-Leonard, Nancy A. Morris

 “Historiography and Methods of African History” by Funso Afolayan

 “Social Problems” by Joel Best

 “Balance of Power Theory” by Steven. E Lobell

 "Democratic Peace Theory” by Dan Reiter

 “Person-in-Environment” by Mary Ellen Kondrat

 “Teenage Pregnancy” by Andrew L. Cherry, Mary E. Dillon