Celebrating 10 years of Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies in Music launched in 2011 and combines the best features of a high-level encyclopedia and a traditional bibliography in a style tailored to meet the needs of today’s online researchers. Now ten years old, Oxford Bibliographies in Music includes over 240 articles, written by subject experts, covering topics including eras, composers, genres and styles, instruments and instrument makers, performers, regions and music cultures, and beyond.

To celebrate this anniversary we have selected ten of the most popular articles published since Oxford Bibliographies in Music first launched, showcasing the quality, breadth, and depth of Oxford University Press’s world-renowned scholarly publication. Delve straight in now by reading a freely available article below.

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 "Performance Practice in Western Art Music" by Mary Cyr

 “Exocticism” by W. Anthony Sheppard

 “Gender and Sexuality in Music” by Emily Wilbourne 

 “Madrigal” by Edmond Strainchamps

 “Southeast Asia” by Christi-Anne Castro

 “Mass” by Anne Schnoebelen

 “Musical Instruments” by Jennifer C Post

 “Virtuosity/Virtuoso” by David VanderHamm

 "Cold War Music” by Peter Schmelz

 “Leonard Bernstein” by Katherine Baber