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The built environment, ranging from single structures to vast cities, is the subject of a diverse body of scholarly literature. Where some researchers focus on the vernacular building efforts of non-professionals decades or centuries ago, others examine the work of professional designers in the modern and contemporary eras. And although the Western tradition once dominated historical research on the built environment, today the field is geographically expansive and aspires to cover the globe. Given the virtual explosion of writing on architecture, as well as on urban and regional planning and on the process of preserving historic sites and buildings, some guide to the burgeoning literature is needed—by practitioners, students, scholars, and enthusiasts of the built environment.

Oxford Bibliographies: Architecture, Planning, and Preservation uncovers a wealth of sources for the study of the built environment while also providing essential guidance in navigating the wide range of material, both print and online. Not a mere list of sources, this guide distinguishes between the publications that address buildings and landscapes, which run the gamut from archaeological reports aimed specifically at professionals in the field, to more accessible studies aimed at a general readership. Built on the comprehensive knowledge and professional expertise of its authors, Oxford Bibliographies: Architecture, Planning, and Preservation directs readers to the sources of greatest relevance on diverse topics in the field.


Editor in Chief

Kevin D. Murphy is Andrew W. Mellon Chair in the Humanities and Professor and Chair of the Department of History of Art at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. He received his Ph.D. in art history, with a concentration in modern architecture, from Northwestern University in 1992. Prior to joining the Vanderbilt faculty, he taught at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and in the School of Architecture at the University of Virginia. Prof. Murphy has published widely in architectural history. His first monograph was entitled Memory and Modernity: Viollet-le-Duc at Vézelay (2000) and subsequent books and edited volumes include Skyscraper Gothic: Medieval Style and Modernist Buildings (2017) (co-edited with Lisa Reilly). Most recently, he wrote the book The Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris: A Quick Immersion (forthcoming, 2020).
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University of Southern California
Bryn Mawr College
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Vanderbilt University


* = recently published


18th-Century Architecture

Emma Letizia Jones
ETH Zurich


19th-Century Architecture

Meredith L. Clausen
University of Washington
Maureen Meister
Karen Livingstone
Science Museum Group
Elizabeth Emery
Montclair State University
George E. Thomas
Harvard University
Stephanie A. Glaser
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Jeffrey Karl Ochsner
University of Washington
Joseph M. Siry
Wesleyan University
Richard Guy Wilson
University of Virginia


20th-Century/Modern Architecture

Christopher Long
University of Texas at Austin
Matthew Gordon Lasner
Hunter College
Anna Vallye
Connecticut College
Mary Anne Hunting
Joseph M. Siry
Wesleyan University
Shiben Banerji
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Zhongjie Lin
University of Pennsylvania
Shiben Banerji
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Judith Sheine
University of Oregon


American Architecture

David Theodore
McGill University
Joanna Merwood-Salisbury
Victoria University of Wellington
Julie Nicoletta
University of Washington Tacoma


Ancient and Classical Architecture

James F. D. Frakes
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Henry P. Colburn
University of Michigan
Celemente Marconi
New York University
John McEnroe
Hamilton College
Ivo Van der Graaff
University of New Hampshire
John Hopkins
New York University
Pier Luigi Tucci


Architectural History and Theory

Mari Hvattum
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Cynthia Falk
State University of New York at Oneonta


Architectural Materials and Types

Sheila Bonde
Brown University
Clark Maines
Wesleyan University
Qinghua Guo
University of Melbourne
Elizabeth Valdez del Álamo
Montclair State University
Alessandro Pierattini
University of Notre Dame
Paul Ranogajec
Caroline van Eck
University of Cambridge
Dale Allen Gyure
Lawrence Technological University
Gail Fenske
Roger Williams University
Susan Nowicki
Lynne C. Lancaster
Ohio University
Jeffrey E. Klee
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
David Wendland
Technische Universität Dresden


Architecture in South/Southeast Asia

Pushkar Sohoni
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Iain Jackson
University of Liverpool
Pushkar Sohoni
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research


Architecture of the Middle East/North Africa

Fairchild D. Ruggles
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Byzantine and Medieval Architecture

Nancy Wu
International Center of Medieval Art


East Asian Architecture

Nancy S. Steinhardt
University of Pennsylvania
Aurelia Campbell
Boston College
Alexandra Harrer
Tsinghua University
Nancy S. Steinhardt
University of Pennsylvania
Johnathan Farris
Youngstown State University
Akiko Walley
University of Oregon


European Architecture

Neta Bodner
The Open University of Israel
Lauren O'Connell
Ithaca College
S. Hollis Clayson
Northwestern University
Sean Weiss
The City College of New York
Alla Vronskaya
Universitat Kassel
Simon Roffey
University of Winchester


Latin American/Caribbean Architecture

Kathryn O'Rourke
Trinity University

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