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Receive your gratis subscription:

As a contributor to Oxford Bibliographies, you are entitled to three months gratis online access, which will be emailed to you upon publication of your article. If you do not receive this email or misplace it, email us at for assistance. Please speak to your librarian and submit the library recommendation form to make Oxford Bibliographies available to all faculty and students at your institution.

Update your Oxford Bibliographies article:

One of the great advantages of online publishing is the ability to update content -- whether you would like to make a small revision to correct a detail in a citation, or it is a substantial addition to overhaul and update the work. We encourage you to view your entry as a living document, one that can be updated and improved as scholarship on the topic changes and new significant sources are published.

You can request minor corrections to your entry at any time. This might include fixing spelling errors or adding a citation. If you come across something in your entry that you want fixed contact your Oxford Bibliographies editor or send an email to The changes will be made without delay. In addition, if you notice something in another article that might need further attention, please feel free to send us a note so we can pass it along to the author anonymously. Should anyone email us about your entry, we’ll be sure to get those recommendations to you.

Periodically, you may want to consider making some major revisions to your entry. This might include adding a new section within the entry or reorganizing the entry in some way. Major revisions will be subject to editorial board review and copy editing to ensure quality. You can request a major addition or revision at any time by contacting your Oxford Bibliographies editor or emailing These updates will be published as soon as possible but may take up to a few months because of review and copy editing.

To ensure that Oxford Bibliographies remains up to date, the editor in chief and editorial board for your subject review all of the entries annually. Following the formal review, we may contact you directly with a request to update your entry. If it is an urgent request, and you are unable to make the changes, we may commission a second scholar to make the necessary updates. This would only happen in exceptional cases, and the second scholar’s name would be included as a co-author.

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Link to your CV:

Be sure to add your Oxford Bibliographies entry to your CV. All entries are peer reviewed, and you deserve credit for this invitation-only publication. The standard form is:

Author. “Entry Title.” Oxford Bibliographies in "Module Name". Ed. EIC Name. New York: Oxford University Press, Entry Launch Date. URL.

Update your Faculty page:

The easiest way to help promote your work in Oxford Bibliograhies and to link from your university webpage to your article. You might also include a link to your entry from your personal webpage or blog.

Stay in touch:

We hope you will stay involved with the project. We are very interested in your feedback, and open to your ideas for improving Oxford Bibliographies. We encourage you to maintain contact with your editor in chief or your in-house OUP editor. Our authors play an important role in shaping this resource as it continues to grow over time. At minimum we ask that you help us to keep your entry current. It represents a reliable, authoritative guide to the literature in your area of study. To be effective it will need to be adjusted from time to time as scholarship forges ahead.

If you have a general suggestion for articles we should commission, please let us know. You can contact an editor at any time at