Opening the Vault of Greatest Hits for Our Year-Long Lustrum Celebration

February 2016

Each month, we will be showcasing a new round of freely-available bibliographies selected by our team of world-renowned Editors in Chief. See this month's picks below, and don't forget to check back each month for a new round of Greatest Hits. All featured entries will remain free for the entirety of our anniversary year.

March 2016:


 Chinese Studies

  International Law

Renaissance & Reformation

 Social Work


From subject area Editor in Chief:
"It is also a term that helps to explain how anthropology unpacks the complicated relationship between culture and nature."

 Traditional Chinese Poetry 

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"One strength is coverage of materials in other languages— Chinese of course, but also Japanese, French and German."

Early 19th Century, 1789-1870

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"This is a model article on the history of international law, which continues to be dominated by consideration of doctrinal writings."

 Elizabeth I

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"A multifaceted exploration of the reign of Europe's most important female ruler during the Renaissance."

Social Security in the United States (OASDHI)

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"...includes an examination of the current status of the program and the often heated debate over its future."

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February 2016:

 African Studies


  Evolutionary Biology



Islam in Africa

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"An excellent study that covers many areas in Africa not usually considered."



Political Philosophy 



Natural Selection

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"A comprehensive review of a cornerstone topic in evolutionary biology."







From subject area Editor in Chief:
"Pulls together important literature on a keystone research topic."

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January 2016




Latin American Studies

 Social Work

Latin Lexicography

From subject area Editor in Chief:
 "Among the most unique, this precise, erudite bibliography follows the development of Latin lexicography from antiquity to the modern age in all relevant languages. It is a significant piece of new research developed by a leading classical scholar."

Social Disorganization 

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"The presentation of social disorganization theory is also very well done and highlights a central framework in criminology."

Culturally Responsive Pedagogies

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"This review highlights current and seminal work on ensuring that how we teach supports all students, with a focus on how pedagogy can better address the needs of those whose cultures are a mismatch for a dominant cultural mainstream school."

Immigration in Latin America

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"An extensive and comprehensive entry that surveys the extant literature while providing pathways for new angles of research."


From subject area Editor in Chief:
"This article deals with a fundamentally important social welfare topic. The author presents a very thorough and scholarly introduction to the literature."

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December 2015

 African Studies

 Childhood Studies

 Latin American Studies

 International Law

 Renaissance and Reformation


Early States of the Western Sudan

From subject area Editor in Chief:
 "An excellent contribution with perceptive and erudite comments and annotations by two of the leading scholars in the field."


Buddhist Views of Childhood 

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"There is almost nothing directly on the topic that is this unique. It brings together material from numerous sources to give an excellent overview of the subject."


Latin American Independence

From subject area Editor in Chief:
"A masterful overview of the key works on one of the shaping moments of Latin American History."


Space Law


From subject area Editor in Chief:
"This immensely rigorous, comprehensive and practical work is indispensable for all practitioners in the field of international law, whether in state service, international organizations or commercial, private practice."




From subject area Editor in Chief:
"A tour-de-force that examines multiple cases of noble elites, their cultural self-justifications, and intersections with court society, art patronage, military organization, and religious change."

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November 2015:






Social Work

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October 2015:

The US Presidency
George C. Edwards

International Social Welfare
James Midgley

 Sexual Conflict
Claudia Fricke  

Technology and the Criminal Justice System

Thomas Holt 

Social Sciences
and the Old Testament

Victor H. Matthews



"A helpful guide that illustrates how modern social sciences illuminate the formation of the earliest parts of the Bible and reveal much useful data about the people responsible for these biblical books."

 —Christopher R. Matthews,
Biblical Studies Editor in Chief

Islamic Politics
Kenneth Menkhaus, Maren Milligan

"A splendid article covering an extensive range of movements sensitively and critically. The themes delineated in the Introduction are a superb warning of many of the fallacies of popular and often sensationalist literature."

—Thomas Spear,
African Studies Editor in Chief

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September 2015:






Cinema and Media Studies

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August 2015:

Feminist Approaches to the Study of Buddhism
Lori Meeks

“Meeks gives well-balanced evaluations of the individual items. The entry is comprehensive in topics covered...and very well organized. It is a topic of continuing relevance for the future development of Buddhist studies.”
—Richard Payne | Editor in Chief: Buddhism

Feral and "Wild" Children
Michael Newton

“I like this one because it is truly interdisciplinary, covering history, psychology, anthropology and literature. It seems like a small, discrete subject,  but the bibliography shows just how wide-ranging and important it is.”
—Heather Montgomery | Editor in Chief: Childhood Studies

Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇavism
Ravi M. Gupta

“...very rich treatment, the introductory text is almost like a minor précis.”
—Alf Hiltebeitel | Editor in Chief: Hinduism

The Contemporary Maya
Paul Eiss

"A wonderful compilation of works that provides light on a major population group in Central America and Mexico."
—Ben Vinson | Editor in Chief: Latin American Studies

Single People
Bella M. DePaulo

“Reviews and organizes the nascent psychosocial literature on the experience of being a single person. [It] also reviews what is known about singlism or the stigmatizing, stereotypic, and discriminatory acts directed toward persons who are single.”
—Dana S. Dunn | Editor in Chief: Psychology

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July 2015:

Art, Art History, and the Study of Africa
Patrick McNaughton, Diane Pelrine

“A wonderful survey of the field that organizes the material in a fresh and provocative way, leaving the more common regional, typological, and detailed studies of African art to future articles. The commentaries and annotations constitute a mini-African art history course that continually draws the reader from general issues to particular analyses.”

—Thomas Spear | Editor in Chief: African Studies

Writing Culture
Olaf Zenker

“ example of a seemingly watershed moment in recent disciplinary history when anthropologists began to question many of the presuppositions about authorship, objectivity, and politics that had traditionally grounded ethnographic representations of cultural difference. This moment of intra-disciplinary critique and criticisms of Writing Culture's own occlusions still inform anthropological writing and debate today.”

—John L. Jackson, Jr. | Editor in Chief: Anthropology

The Digital Age Teacher
Louise Starkey

“This review addresses the dramatic and dynamic changes in the lives of teachers with the development of powerful and challenging educational technologies to enhance the teaching and learning process. Based on her expertise in teaching in the digital age, Dr. Starkey has provided an authoritative, international overview of advances in the use of these tools to assist teachers as they meet expanding needs for diverse learners in today's educational institutions.”

—Luanna H. Meyer | Editor in Chief: Education

Amanda Ie, Christelle Ngnoumen, Ellen Langer

“A ‘go to’ resource for key citations exploring the implications of conscious awareness and the impact of actively creating new mental categories on aging, creativity, and health, among many other cognitive and behavioral arenas.”

—Dana S. Dunn | Editor in Chief: Psychology

Financing Health Care Delivery in the United States
Candyce S. Berger

“This article deals with an important contemporary policy issue in the United States and is of broad interest. The author presents a comprehensive and informative orientation to this topic including President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP.”

—Edward Mullen | Editor in Chief: Social Work

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June 2015:

Women and the Visual Arts
Jacqueline Marie Musacchio

“With a wonderfully lucid organization, [this entry] examines the problems of woman-as-artist, women as patrons, and women as subjects of artistic representations, looking across social groups and regions.” 

—Margarent King | Editor in Chief: Renaissance and Reformation

Peter Lehr, Gillian Duncan

“Few need reminding of the contemporary importance of this topic. The author presents an authoritative and comprehensive introduction to this cross-disciplinary topic.”

—Edward Mullen | Editor in Chief: Social Work

Metapopulations and Spatial Population Processes
Ilkka Hanski

“Written by the world's leading authority on the topic, this article summarizes and introduces the reader to one of the most important concepts in modern ecology. The metapopulation concept integrates and provides a bridge between population and community ecology.”

—David Gibson | Editor in Chief: Ecology

Sophie White

“Few entries show just how diverse and all-encompassing Atlantic history has become than [this] fascinating exploration of the scholarship in the Atlantic World relating to clothing. What is especially terrific about this article is the range of visual as well as printed sources used to get a full flavour of an exciting topic.”

—Trevor Burnard | Editor in Chief: Atlantic History

Consular Relations
John Quigley

“This work evidences, quite apart from the appropriate conceptual rigor, most fully the ambition of Oxford Bibliographies: International Law to break the monolinguism of contemporary international law studies by citing comprehensively legal authorities in French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish as well as English.

"The entry also shows great courage, independence and moral seriousness  of an American scholar in its extensive critique of the failure of the US legal system to apply the international law on consular access within the US.”

—Anthony Carty | Editor in Chief: International Law


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May 2015:

Mass Incarceration
Christopher Wildeman

“Wildeman does an excellent job highlighting historical and emerging work in criminology and other disciplines on this very important topic.”
—Beth Huebner | Editor in Chief: Oxford Bibliographies in Criminology

Treaty Interpretation
Isabelle Van Damme

“This is simply a work of dazzling intellectual brilliance, a practitioner commentary on a major craft of the professional international lawyer which, with an astonishing intellectual rigor, goes to the foundations of all the theoretical difficulties which plague the discipline of international law.”

—Anthony Carty | Editor in Chief: Oxford Bibliographies in International Law

Aristotle's Philosophy of Mind
Pavel Gregoric

“...a unique compilation of citations of books and articles on a subject of intense interest to modern philosophers who search for fresh ideas in Aristotle.”
—Dee L. Clayman | Editor in Chief: Oxford Bibliographies in Classics

Strategic Human Resource Management
Susan Jackson, Kaifeng Jiang, Randall S. Schuler

“[This] has quickly emerged as a major topic of interest for scholars and practitioners alike. The authors do an outstanding job of providing a comprehensive perspective on this topic.”
—Ricky W. Griffin | Editor in Chief: Oxford Bibliographies in Management

Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience
Leandre R. Fabrigar, Meghan E. Norris

“A single source for classic and contemporary references exploring subtle and not so subtle influences aimed at shaping, changing, or controlling people’s behavior.”
—Dana S. Dunn | Editor in Chief: Oxford Bibliographies in Psychology


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