A Bibliographical Introduction to Native American Studies


This page, curated by Oxford Bibliographies area editor for education Susan Faircloth, features a select group of annotated bibliographies addressing key topics in the field of Native American Studies, a term which is used here to include a broad range of disciplines that specifically explore the histories, cultures, languages, lifeways, and sociocultural and political experiences and representations of American Indian, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and other Indigenous peoples of the Americas. The content of this page will evolve over time as new and more relevant scholarship is published. Bibliographies authored by Indigenous peoples are highly encouraged.

American Literature


Atlantic History


Latino Studies

Literary and Critical Theory

Political Science

Social Work

Featured image credit: Tohono Indian Women led the Tucson 2019 Women’s March with a show of strength, resilience and power by Dulcey Lima. Public Domain via Unsplash.

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