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The Oxford User Research Program

The Oxford User Research Program is a longitudinal, global initiative assessing the way librarians, academics, and students discover, view, evaluate, and interact with content. The feedback from this program informs the development and improvement of Oxford Bibliographies to ensure a positive and valuable experience for users.

Today’s challenge is to build a resource that guides scholarly research through the growing mass of unqualified academic output, offering selective annotated research paths that are insightful, increase productivity, and raise the level of quality in new scholarship. As we’ve been building Oxford Bibliographies, we’ve been testing it with students and academics to ensure that it meets emerging research needs. And the response has been overwhelming. Oxford Bibliographies has the potential to transform the research experience across academia and we are pleased to continue to launch subject areas into the new world of online scholarship.

Individual Article Reviews

"Ed Folsom’s Oxford Bibliographies annotated guide ["Walt Whitman"] to a century and a half of Whitman criticism is a most welcome vade mecum for the novice and an opportunity to compare evaluations for the advanced reader." Joel Myerson, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review
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Richard "Kopley's contribution on Poe ["Edgar Allan Poe"] to the Oxford Bibliographies is not another Internet tool to search for matches to a string of words... Rather, it is a controlled structure with disciplinary rigor derived from traditional printed scholarship that insists research is a serious exploration into what is still unknown." Heyward Ehrlich, Poe Studies
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Awards and Recognitions

Top 10 Internet Resource of 2013 -CHOICE Read More

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What Faculty Are Saying

"Oxford Bibliographies is ‘right smack on’ with its tiered levels of information, running from general to highly specialized…it doesn’t get any better than a respected, well-known scholar selecting the best of the best.”Steven Ozment, McLean Professor of Ancient & Modern History, Harvard University

“Oxford Bibliographies is my starting point for identifying the key references on a topic with which I’m not already familiar. The format is accessible and the articles are authoritative." Ellen Wohl, EIC of Environmental Science, Professor of Geology, Colorado State University

"Very well-thought out…a wonderful tool for faculty, students, researchers and other content experts moving into a new area, and possibly even practitioners.”Stanley G. McCracken, Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration

“Oxford Bibliographies Online do not aim to be comprehensive. Instead, they provide a judicious selection of the range of scholarship available on a particular topic, compiled by an expert. That representative selectivity is their greatest strength.”Kathleen Coleman, OBO Classics founding board member, James Loeb Professor of the Classics at Harvard

"Oxford Bibliographies is a wonderful resource for both seasoned scholars and beginning researchers; it will prove so useful that future generations will likely wonder how research was ever done without it.” — Dr. Sanford Goldberg, Professor of Philosophy, Northwestern University

"The depth and breadth of information winnowed by authorities make Oxford Bibliographies an essential resource for both scholars and students.”Nancy L. Wicker, Professor of Art History, The University of Mississippi

"Oxford Bibliographies would certainly be useful in my own area of research, and I can imagine turning to it quite frequently, both for my research and also for my teaching.”François Furstenberg, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation Chair in American Studies, Université de Montréal

"Oxford Bibliographies is a truly excellent resource for research at all levels. It will rapidly establish itself as the first port of call for all serious bibliographical enquiry.” — Peter Lamarque, Professor of Philosophy, University of York

“Navigating the sheer number of possible sources for any given project is a challenge... Oxford Bibliographies is an excellent resource that helps us meet this challenge by providing well organised research starting points and summaries, identifying key articles, books, journals, and authors across a range of topics.” — Dr. Kathryn Fisher, National Defense University

"Oxford Bibliographies is a valuable, authoritative resourcefor students in my classes, helping them to navigate the overwhelming and often questionable information at their fingertips in the age of the internet” — Jeffry Halverson, Postdoctoral Fellow, The Consortium for Strategic Communication, Arizona State University

Oxford Bibliographies is a fantastic idea to help address the information overload in nearly every area of inquiry, giving expert perspective to beginners and those more advanced.”Jonathan Kvanvig, Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University

“If there were a royal road to the mastery of a philosophical topic, the Oxford Bibliographies would be the map. An impressively up-to-date guide to the literature.” — Kenneth Aizawa, Professor of Philosophy, Centenary College of Louisiana

“It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of this project…” — John Esposito, Professor of Religion, International Affairs and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

What the Media is Saying

“It is precisely to provide a route through the vast jungle of sources that Oxford University Press recently launched its series of Oxford Bibliographies" Times Higher Education

“Seems to promise a great deal of happy reading for serious researchers…I felt like I’d enjoyed a series of conversations with trusted professors and really good librarians.” —The New Yorker’s Book Bench
“The most ambitious project of its kind.” —Inside Higher Ed
“In conception, this file is over the top: about a 15.” —Library Journal
"Oxford Bibliographies: the ‘Anti-Google’? —The Chronicle of Higher Education
Oxford Bibliographies will be a boon to college undergraduates just starting their majors as well as to grad students, faculty, and the general public for research and writing…will also serve a purpose in library collection development. Recommended for most institutions of higher learning.” —Booklist

Oxford Bibliographies represents a new direction in online research…highly recommended, especially for larger institutions, and for those with programs within the modules’ subjects; lower-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers, general readers.” —CHOICE

“[Oxford Bibliographies is] the Anti-Google… a straightforward, hyperlinked collection of professionally-produced, peer-reviewed bibliographies…giant, interactive.”
Jon Stokes, Ars Technica
“Demonstrates the evolution of reference sources.” —Barbara Bibel, Birth of a Reference Work, Booklist’s Points of Reference