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September 2012

New Subjects

Oxford Bibliographies is proud to introduce British and Irish Literature to a rapidly growing list of subjects.

For a complete list of available and forthcoming subjects visit the Subject List page.

Visit the OUP Blog to read a piece by the Editor in Chief of Oxford Bibliographies in Jewish Studies, David Biale, on the history of Hasidism.

New! Immigration Policy Debates in the 2012 Election, by contributor to the forthcoming Oxford Bibliographies in Latino Studies, Louis Desipio.

New and Updated Articles

Oxford Bibliographies is regularly updated with new articles and additions to existing articles. This month, 13 new articles have been added and revised across the following subjects:

Atlantic History
International Relations
Latin American Studies
Medieval Studies


Public Health
Social Work
Victorian Literature

To learn more about the Oxford Bibliographies update program, including the peer-review process and the annual review of articles, please visit the Updating Program page.

Coming Soon

The Oxford Index, a free discovery service will enable users to search across Oxford’s digital academic offerings from a single point of entry and receive recommendations of the best related content, resulting in an enhanced research experience.

Learn more by visiting the Oxford Index site

Explore More Oxford Bibliographies

Visit the OUP Blog:

Buddhism or Buddhisms? Part 1 by the Editor in Chief of Oxford Bibliographies: Buddhism, Richard Payne, on the effect of geo-politics on the structure of the Buddhist religion around the world.

Buddhism or Buddhisms? Part 2: Richard Payne continues his discussion of the structure of Buddhism in relation to globalization and politics.

View a lively discussion with Editor in Chief of Oxford Bibliographies in Cinema and Media Studies Krin Gabbard, as he disscusses his involvement with the project and the importance of Oxford Bibliographies to students and researchers worldwide.



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The Oxford User Research Program is a longitudinal, global initiative assessing the way librarians, academics, and students discover, view, evaluate, and interact with content. The feedback from this program informs the development and improvement of Oxford Bibliographies to ensure a positive and valuable experience for users. If you are interested in learning more and how you can get involved in the Oxford User Research Program, please contact our Market Research Department.

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