Oxford Bibliographies Update Program

“The most ambitious project of its kind.” —Inside Higher Ed

Each of the articles listed on Oxford Bibliographies are frequently updated through Oxford Bibliographies Update Program, ensuring the most topical current listing of citations on a given subject. Oxford Bibliographies utilizes the benefits of online publishing by constantly updating each article, creating an article that evolves with current scholarship to provide a one-stop destination for the best, and most up-to-date, information about a given discipline. Each Oxford Bibliographies contributor is asked to update their article with the most relevant and modern scholarship to keep up with the standard and quality with which Oxford University Press has built its reputation for more than 400 years.

In keeping the content up to this high standard, we follow strict, but ambitious, guidelines with our content that include:

A Formal Review of Each Article

One of the great benefits of online publishing is that scholarship could be updated to give the best, most comprehensive information on a given subject. At Oxford Bibliographies, each article receives a formal review by the Editorial Board once a year to ensure that it remains up-to-date. If updates are required, but the author is unable to make them, OUP will commission a second scholar to make the necessary updates, and their name will be included as co-author. At Oxford Bibliographies, we believe in utilizing the benefits of online publishing to create an organic document that updates as scholarship progresses, making the subjects in Oxford Bibliographies the best destination for scholars.

Authors should contact their OUP editor at any time to suggest revisions, additions, and updates. Users are encouraged to contact OUP with their feedback and suggestions for individual articles; all correspondence will be forwarded to the author and Editorial Board for consideration.

Please visit our published authors page for more information on how to update your own article.

New Subject Areas

At the time of publication, each discipline launches with 50 articles of content. With new disciplines made available each year, Oxford Bibliographies features an impressive amount of content added annually, amounting to over 500 to 600 new subject articles each year.

Please visit our complete list of available and forthcoming subject areas to see the latest disciplines added to the site.

50-75 Articles Added Per Discipline Annually 

In addition to the 50 articles that launch upon publication of a discipline, a range of new and revised articles are added across the disciplines each year. New article topics are selected to ensure each subject area offers full and balanced coverage as determined by the Editor in Chief and Editorial Board. New topics are introduced based on scholarly feedback, editorial input, and research demand.

We also select topics based on requests from users. If you are interested in writing an article for Oxford Bibliographies please visit the For Authors page for more information. To suggest a topic for an article, subject area, or citation please contact an Oxford Bibliographies editor.

Oxford User Research Program

The Oxford User Research Program is a longitudinal, global initiative assessing the way librarians, academics, and students discover, view, evaluate, and interact with content. The feedback from the program informs the development and improvement of Oxford Bibliographies to ensure a positive and valuable experience for users.

If you are interested in learning more and how you can get involved in the Oxford User Research Program, please contact our Market Research Department.